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If Not Now, When: Interview with Christian O

Christian is American poet, philosopher and recording artist. At 18 he left the States and since lived in Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and Switzerland. On his 25th bday he received a live changing news that would helped him realise all he wanted to do was to sing. He went to LA and recorded a series of tracks and music videos and has been recording music since then.

He is passionate about globalism and eradicating poverty and hunger. He’s an advocate for global universal healthcare.

At 31 he currently lives in South Korea and continues to make music. He since then began producing music aswell under the alias The CoCo Company. His latest release O - is a tribute to himself. And Ode to his accomplishments and a personal revelation that no one needs acknowledge his efforts for he himself knows what he’s accomplished .

In this interview he will talk to us more about his music, how he describes it, and how others see it and the passion behind his lyrics. His words are testament to his versatility and an embodiment of his advocation of personal freedom and strength.

And as he says

The rest—— is yet to be written.

You can look more into the world of Christian here:


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