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If Not Now, When: Interview with Pragati Siddanthi

Pragati Siddhanti, is an Indian expat based in the beautiful city of Basel. She works as a business and technology manager with Accenture as well as a lecturer with FHNW, School of Business. When she is not doing all this nerdy stuff, she is either spending time with her adorable lil family (husband and their 10-year-old daughter) or working on her passion project, her second child, My Swiss Story.

In this interview we will talk about the rich content in her blog around various lifestyle topics such as ex-pat living, mental health, nutrition, wellness, home and living, travel, parenting, and more. About the strong women representation in her blog that aims for their voices to be heard, and how she believes in uplifting, elevating, and encouraging women. She also offers digital marketing services in the form of content creation, PR, social media management, and social media coaching.

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