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If Not Now, When: Interview with Sunita Kour

Sunita is an Indian Expat living in Switzerland for 4 years. She is the Co Founder of Techies Time to Tea Switzerland and India.

Her entrepreneurial journey started back in 2015 after spending 12 years in Corporates as a Project Manager.

Her knowledge on teas, its benefits and business helped her along with her brother to start Time to Tea. The brand has grown from 1 store to 15 stores in 5 years.

The idea of starting a Tea business emerged out of their study of Indian Tea Industry, types of Teas, their benefits and especially the struggle Tea workers face bringing this global beverage to life.

In this interview Sunita will talk to us about the challenges of co-managing a multi store brand from 2 countries simultaneously, Sunita will talk a little bit about the benefits of different teas and will share her knowledge and passion for Teas and her brand.

You can look more into the world of Sunita here:

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