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If Not Now, When: Interview with Vicki Kirn

Vicki is, in my opinion, the bagel master. Her skills and passion are a perfect mix that adds flavour to every bagel she makes.

She is a US citizen who’s been in Switzerland since 2004, traded her day job as a Project Manager to bring Basel bagels that are more than (bad) bread with a hole in the middle.

The adventure began in 2015 as she randomly followed her curiosity and produced bagels to raise funds for various causes. Since then, she has: incorporated as a GmbH; grown her business to serve business, as well as private customers; experimented with selling not only bagels but also other sourdough-based products; started renting out space in her commercial kitchen to allow others to test their dreams; had a child; and regularly wondered ‘what the heck she is doing?!’

In this interview we will hear first hand how she started it all, what keeps her going and how she manages her time and much more.

You can look more into the world of Vicki here:




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